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L. W. Seecamp is a manufacturer of high quality, hand made pocket pistols located in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Milford, Connecticut from 1981 to present. Seecamp pistols are known for their high quality, fit, and finish. These finely made firearms were at one point very hard to find due to the limited production.

All Seecamp pistols are double action only (DAO), and are similar in size. Barrel length is 2.06 inches, and weight is 11.5 ounces. Grips are glass-filled nylon and checkered. These pistols are not equipped with sights because they are intended for use at close range. The Seecamp is a close copy of the CzechoslovakianCZ 45 pistol which utilized a very compact and reliable DAO trigger mechanism. Each pull of the trigger first cocks then releases the hammer. The hammer follows the slide after each shot and rests in the down position.

The original Seecamp model was the LWS .25 ACP, made from 1981 through 1985, with a total production of about 4000 units. It used traditional blowback operation with a magazine capacity of 7 rounds. The .25 ACP model was dropped shortly after the introduction of the .32 ACP version.

The LWS 32 is chambered for hollow point ammunition only. Operation is through chamber-ring delayed blowback where a raised ring at the rear of the chamber retards the rearward motion of the slide. This model uses a magazine with a capacity of 6 rounds. This is Seecamp's most popular gun. During the height of demand, production guns were selling out years in advance with individual guns selling for up to US$1000. Current MSRP is $425 for the standard model, $525 for California approved model with addition trigger mounted safety , this model is the only one made for Mass residents. In Mass Ive seen these go for around $650.

There were 200 sets made in both .25 ACP and .32 ACP with matching serial numbers. In 2000, the model LWS 380 was introduced in .380 ACP. Production is very limited, and the MSRP is US$795.

In 1997, North American Arms introduced their Guardian pistol in .32 ACP as well. While Seecamp sales remained strong, demand waned and current production is selling for at or below the suggested retail prices. Further competition is provided by Kel-Tec in the form of their P32 and P3AT pistols which are lighter and thinner if not smaller in overall dimension, But both of these fire arms are not Mass legal.


  1. For Mass complaint handguns this one is the smallest on the list.
  2. When I shot this firearm I used over 200rnd of Winchester Sliver Tip ammo and I did not have one jam. The firearm functioned flawlessly.
  3. The machining done to this firearm is excellent. When disassembled you can see the time and effort put into this little gun.
  4. This firearm is so small it can be used for deep concealment. If you out on a hot summer day And your just wearing a pair of shorts , you can throw this little guy in your pocket an no one could ever tell you have a firearm on you. 


  1. This firearm does not have any sights whatsoever . This guns is strictly a point and shoot firearm , so you will need a little practice with it. Also The effective range of this gun is only up to 20 feet.
  2. Ammo selection is a little hard for this gun. You just can go and buy a box of 32s they have to be hollow points, and just not any hollow points but either Winchester sliver tip, or hydro shocks. Any other type will just jam the gun.
  3. The Trigger. Since This is a Mass complaint and it is double action only this firearm does have a very stiff 10 pound trigger. This does act as a safety for carrying but does make shooting a bit tough
  4. Disassemble for this gun is a bit difficult. You should have your dealer show you how ……or just come down a bug me ; )

Finial Thoughts:

This is a firearm that I do regularly carry from time to time. Ive hade mine for over 4 years now and with a little trigger work this is one of my top 10 carry conceal firearms.

Despite the fact of the limited ammo there are more rounds coming out for this little wonder. The day of hunting for this rare treasure at gunshows and getting ripped off are over!

I give this firearm a 7.5 out of 10 .

Till then ladies, and gents

 Shoot, Be Safe, Have Fun!

Mr.Bill / GUN GUY


Caliber: 25, 32, 380

Capacity: 6+1 Rounds

Barrel Length: 2.06 inches

Front Sight: N/A

Rear Sight: N/A

Trigger Pull: 10 lbs for Mass comp version

Frame: SMALL

Finish: Slide and Barrel Stainless

Weight Empty (No Mag): 11.5 ounces

Price : MSRP $650.00

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